Solibri is well recognized as the pioneer in providing out of the box software that automates the checking and analysis of BIM model, saving time and money.

Solibri's solution offering focuses on helping the organization to adopt Building Information Modeling faster, easier and with less expense. With the help of Solibri, customers have been able to move faster in realizing the BIM benefits and enjoying a high return on their investment. Solibri Model Checker (SMC) software finds potential faults before a single brick is laid, Solibri Model Viewer (SMV) is a free viewer for SMC / IFC files, and Solibri IFC Optimizer (SIO) is a free software for optimizing open standard IFC files.

Solibri Model Checker™ helps you save time, money and the world’s resources.

Solibri Model Checker (SMC) , the software that will revolutionize how we design, construct and maintain buildings.

Advanced Clash Detection and Management

Automatically analyze and group clashes according to severity. Find relevant problems quickly and easily. Investigate the quality of your BIM files.

Deficiency Detection

Prevent issues in advance. Use SMC and its logical reasoning rules to search for components and materials missing from the model.

Verify Matching Elements in Architectural and Structural Designs

Use SMC to locate flaws and exceptions in models made by different design teams. Avoid expensive rework by knowing both models match.

Managing Change Orders or Design Versions

Manage and track changes between two design versions of the same model. Save time with easy visualization and verification of model changes.

Instant BIM Data Mining

Be assured on the quality of information in BIM designs. Then use SMC for easy and instant information takeoff. Use multiple report templates that best suit your user role or create one yourself. Measure spaces and materials on the fly and share with others.

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Solibri Model Viewer (SMV) is the software that everyone should use within the construction industry.

It's free of charge and allows you to open all Standard IFC and Solibri Model Checker Files. Transparency is given on open issues and challenges. Share information to save time, money and resources.

Platform Independent Free Model Viewer

Views Solibri Model Checker and IFC models on both Windows and Mac. A must tool for every party in the BIM workflow.

Compatible with Solibri Model Checker Files

View and make comments to Solibri Model Checker models including checking results, presentations and information takeoffs.

Easy to Use

The User Interface is designed to make your workflow fast, intuitive and productive.

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Solibri IFC Optimizer (SIO) is a free tool built for optimizing Open Standard IFC files.

This simple software allows you to reduce large IFC file sizes for viewing or distributing. Files open faster and easier.

Platform Independent Free Tool

Optimize IFC models on both Windows and Mac.

Efficient IFC Model Sharing

Reduces the size of IFC models up to 5% of the original without losing any information. Enables the sending of large IFC Models by email.

Faster Opening and Download Speeds

Optimize your workflow with top speed downloads and loading times to your favorite BIM tools.

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