A leading global software provider for the Architecture, Engineering and Construction market (AEC), Nemetschek is headquartered in Munich, Germany.

Founded in 1963 by Prof. Georg Nemetschek, the group focuses on innovations such as Open Building Information Modeling (Open BIM) for the AEC market. Publicly listed since 1999, Nemetschek achieved revenues in 2011 of 164 million Euros. The company has been a pioneer in its industry for decades and not just in the development of CAD systems like Allplan Engineering for planning and design.

Allplan Engineering — Avoid Mistakes rather than Correct them!

Allplan Engineering is a high-performance BIM solution that supports the complete design process for architecture and engineering firms, as well as construction companies. Discover a BIM program for seamless, interdisciplinary planning.

Reduce Costs and Increase Quality

In accordance with the principles of Building Information Modeling, we help you to improve project quality, react flexibly to changes and generally work more efficiently.

Section Along Curve

Create exact sections along any axes with just a few clicks. In this film, learn about the new "Section Along Curve" tool in Allplan 2015. This enables you to create exact sections along axes consisting of arcs, clothoids and splines with just a few clicks.

Model Tendons

Create 3D tendons far more easily. This video shows you how to create three-dimensional tendons with Allplan 2015. The new tool determines the double-curved 3D axis of the tendon from the axis and gradient. This significantly simplifies complex construction.

Certified IFC Interface

Optimum import and export with the open IFC standard format. In addition to the already certified Allplan IFC export, import has now been tested and certified in Allplan 2015. This ensures reliable data exchange and optimized workflow with other OpenBIM solutions.

Real Reinfocement Bar Diameters

New quality in reinforcement for highly reinforced structures and details. This is particularly true of highly reinforced structures such as power stations and bridges, as well as highly reinforced details on nodal points.

Direct Modification in Reinforcement Planning

New possibilities for the direct modification of the reinforcement drawing. In this video, find out more about the options for direct modification in reinforcement planning.

Modern Palettes for Bar Shape Placement

Improved workflow for 2D reinforcement input with palettes. This provides you with a very smooth workflow when entering 2D reinforcement using palettes.

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